• Strategy. Culture. Development. Research.

We design and deliver packaged as well as customised programmes and processes using our recognised intellectual property in the areas of strategy and culture, development and research.


We agree the exact needs of clients and extract from our intellectual property only the content relevant to these agreed needs with a strong focus on integrating what we offer with what already exists in the client organisation.


The thinking fusion AFRICA difference lies in the application of our thinking models and implementation frameworks.

We create value through thinking.


Our models and frameworks embrace science whilst challenging conventional thinking. We develop new insights through research and application to constantly enrich our thinking models.


Established in 2004, we have been a Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor since 2015.


As the three owners and directors of thinking fusion AFRICA, we have brought together our complementary expertise to provide consulting and change capacity development services to the public and private sectors in Africa.


We have a proud track record. Amongst our clients count major private sector corporations, the public sector, medium and small enterprises all of whom we serve with equal commitment. We have worked in the following sectors: Financial Services, Government, Government Enterprises and Agencies, Healthcare, Higher Education, Manufacturing, Media, Mining and Minerals, Agriculture, Construction and Materials, Oil and Gas, Professional and Consulting Firms, Technology, Telecommunications as well as Transport and Logistics.


Our combined experience as owners of thinking fusion AFRICA spans decades in specialist, consulting, management and executive roles. We retain the services of more than 25 specialist facilitators many of whom hold post-graduate qualifications.


We are passionate about ideas, knowledge and people development.


Our PURPOSE is to ignite development in people.


Our BRAND PROMISE is to create change capacity in organisations, teams and individuals.


We are anchored in our CORE VALUES of:

Thinking: We challenge the status quo, develop new thinking and inspire change.

Development: We make a positive change in the lives of people.

Connection: We cherish relationships.

Integrity: We are trustworthy, set high standards and deliver quality work.


thinking fusion AFRICA has developed and applied organisational development methodologies and processes with great success since 2004. We are particularly proud of our intellectual property in this area of expertise and the change capacity it creates in organisations.


Strategy Development


We specialise in organisation strategy at corporate, business unit and functional levels. The thinking fusion AFRICA strategy framework is comprehensive and challenging. It has evolved over many years of business experience and has been validated in small to large organisations in the private and public sectors.


Strategy-making capacity in teams is built through application and can further be enhanced through dedicated strategy training in the thinking fusion AFRICA model. It can be applied in full or in part to suit the demands of an organisation such as market re-positioning, strategic market development, competitive strategy or organisation alignment including organisation structure and culture development.


We also undertake the facilitation of complex strategic issues resolution, including scenario development. We have undertaken more than 30 strategy projects.


Culture Design


Our culture thinking model provides the basis for executive teams to consider how to plant and grow the desired culture for strategic success.  We work with executive teams in thinking through the organisation culture alignment with its strategy. The model has been tested against established science and best practice, applied in ‘greenfields’ culture design as well as culture re-design assignments. We further integrate the Culture, Team and Individual Development (CTID) process as well as supporting it with leadership development and coaching. We enjoy this complex work and closely partner with internal specialists in an advisory capacity to integrate the design with implementation.


Success Models


The success model concept is core to our strategy work. We work with organisations at corporate, operational unit and functional levels to design measurable views of ultimate success from external, internal and financial perspectives. The outputs are used by organisations for horizontal and vertical organisational alignment and integration, strategic focus, ‘balanced-scorecards’/dashboards, objective setting, team development, organisation design, change design and organisation culture design. We have developed more than 80 success models that substantially enrich our insights into high-performance organisations at a practical level.


Culture and Team Development


We re-invigorate organisational culture and leadership teams to deliver a high-performance culture through a process that takes executive, operational and functional teams to new levels of team and individual performance over approximately nine months. The results yielded are exceptional as the process truly integrates individual performance with team performance and organisational culture. The process is supported by diagnostics that allow organisation-wide analysis and interpretation when implemented on this scale. It is also supported by leadership coaching and one-on-one team member guidance. thinking fusion AFRICA has worked with more than 40 teams applying the Culture, Team and Individual Development (CTID) process some of which were part of a business-turnaround strategy.


Leader development


Our programme, Leading, is aimed at Executives and Senior Managers as well as Senior Specialists.


The programmes, Leadership in the Connection Economy and Women who lead, are targeted at Middle Managers, Specialists, Junior Managers and Emerging Leaders.


These programmes are unique in design and implementation, have an exclusive leadership focus and more than 1500 leaders have benefited from it. The programmes are certified by NWU Business School and are presented in 14 contact days to a minimum of 20 participants per group.


The Essential Leadership Insight programme is also aimed at Middle Managers, Specialists, Junior Managers and Emerging Leaders, is presented over 5 or 6 contact days to a minimum of 20 participants per group.


The above four programmes share the same development philosophy and are designed against the backdrop of the connection economy, thinking models as well as the four zones of influence of a leader being self-leadership, one-on-one leadership, leading a team, and increasing influence within a leadership team ensuring integration at all levels. Whilst they are pre-packaged programmes, they are frequently customized to include client content in respect of strategy, values and leadership model, amongst others.


The programme, Strategy- think differently to do differently, is designed for management teams at executive, operational and functional unit levels to not only understand the fundamental concepts of strategy but also to apply the processes and elements of the thinking fusion AFRICA strategy framework to their own oganisations. It is presented over eight days over three to four months in one and two-day sessions to best suit the management teams. The thinking fusion AFRICA tools are made available to teams in electronic format as part of the programme and for subsequent application. Although the programme is aimed at teams (often extended to include additional group members) it is also presented to managers and specialists in groups of up to 20 participants at a time.




Our Self-Leadership programme is aimed at non-managers, this includes Foremen, Supervisors (Production and Administrative), Specialists, Technicians, Administrators, Personal Assistants and Secretaries. It is presented over 6 contact days to 20 – 30 participants per group. This programme guides participants to redefine themselves in their personal lives and at work. Participants take personal responsibility for their work, their work relationships and for improving their work performance. It is a life-changing development experience for many people in their work and personal lives. More than 1500 people have attended this popular programme.


We do Coaching of executives and senior managers who need to increase their impact in organisations and advance their careers. The thinking fusion AFRICA framework blends conventional leadership coaching with uncompromising advice to build personal and leadership capacity. This capacity building is shaped around the four zones of influence of a leader. Dedicated learning is embedded in leaders through rigorous engagement. Coaching assignments are typically undertaken over a six-month period and have in instances included full management teams. We have coached more than 150 managers.


The programme, Thinking - the edge creating leader skill, has as its purpose to educate and inspire Senior Executives and Managers, High-level Specialists, High-potential Individuals as well as individuals earmarked for new and challenging roles about thinking as a skill in which they will invest for the rest of their lives. The rationale for this programme is that it is the quality of thinking by people throughout an organisation, especially by leaders and specialists, that gives it the edge. It is presented over 4 contact days followed by 20-week application to groups of 12 - 15 participants per group. More than 150 people have attended this programme.


Job-entrant and youth development


The collection of job entrant and youth development programmes fills a recently identified and very neglected people development space in organisations and communities. thinking fusion AFRICA took the strategic decision to make a difference in young people’s lives and  garnered the support of large organisations to launch these four programmes. It has been received with enthusiasm by the market.


Launchpad has as purpose to prepare a young person to launch into the world of work gaining a thorough understanding of the personal challenges in the workplace and by growing inner strength as well as skills at a personal level. It is presented to University Students, Interns, Graduates, Professionals-in-training, Learnership employees, Artisans and Apprentices between 18 and 30 years of age. The programme is presented in 4 contact days to a minimum of 30 participants per group.


Let’s Go! is an intensive and very personal experience over four days that empowers young people from the age of 15 years to about 30 years of age through personal mastery so that they are better equipped for life. It is presented to High-School Learners in addition to the groups that Launchpad is aimed at. Organisations not only invest in community upliftment through this programme, but also use it for young people at work as a pre-cursor to the Launchpad programme. The programme is presented in 4 contact days to a minimum of 30 participants per group.


The Boys2Men and Becoming a Woman one-day programmes introduce young boys and girls between 12 and 18 years of age to the realities of sexual maturity, sexual conduct, drugs, alcohol and respectful relationships. These sensitive interventions are used by organisations as part of their social investment strategies especially in underprivileged communities. Large groups of participants can be accommodated on a programme.


Although the above programmes are new, nearly 1100 young people’s lives have already been touched.


Core to thinking fusion AFRICA is our respect for science. We thus excavate off science-based knowledge in the design of our programmes and processes as well as in the generation of insights for organisations on vexing complex problem situations through applying credible research designs.


We undertake bespoke organisational behaviour research assignments on a large scale that may extend into community-based research. We also record and protect the data and information from organisational, team and individual measures in our strategy and development work, for analysis and reporting purposes that might be required/done at a later stage.


  • Launchpad
  • Let's Go!
  • Boys2Men
  • Becoming a Woman

Motshoanetsi Lefoka - Industrial Engineer, Executive, Director

Motshoanetsi Mmakotlolo Lefoka’s experience covers leadership, operational and general management with over 10 years of Board experience as an executive and non-executive director, in a diverse range of industries. She has a broad range of executive experience including business development and growth, design and implementation of strategy, operational management and stakeholder management.


She worked in the private and public sectors in manufacturing, in Productivity and Quality Management (SAMDI), the Department of Public Works and in her ten-year career in the SA Post Office where she was CEO for five years, she gained in-depth experience in logistics, financial services, ICT, retail and the postal sector. She received the IPM CEO of the Year Achievement Award in 2010.


She holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering which she obtained from the Operations Research, North Carolina A&T State University, North Carolina, USA, a Bachelor of Administration in Statistics, Diploma and Certificate in Statistics all obtained from the University of Botswana. She has the following certificates from other programmes: Banking Board Leadership Programme (GIBS), Management Development Programme (IMD), Senior Executive Program (WITS/Harvard Business School) and Certificate in Public Finance Management Act (PFMA).


Motshoanetsi is a member of the Institute of Directors and the International Woman’s Forum of South Africa. She has been shareholder and full-time executive director of thinking fusion AFRICA since 2015.


Dr René Uys - Academic, Researcher, Consultant, Executive, Coach

René Uys is known for her work in the fields of self-management, leadership, diversity, organisational development, communication and marketing communication, research methodology, disability and labour relations. She has published over 85 papers and books, acted as study leader for almost 30 masters and doctorate students, and has spoken at more than a 100 seminars and conferences. Her work nationally and internationally includes 47 extensive consultation projects. She taught a variety of subjects at NWU (PU for CHE), UJ (RAU), University of the Free State, Da Vinci Institute, TUT (Technikon Pretoria) and teaches at MBA level on invitation.


She has held professorships at two universities, was Dean of a large faculty and served in executive roles in Higher Education.


She spent the first four years of her career in the banking sector and in ESKOM. Her original field of training was human resource management and subsequently organisation development, work-study and industrial engineering. She was a practitioner in the latter two fields in the ESKOM Management Services unit. During her academic career, she consulted widely in the private and public sectors.


René obtained a BA degree from RAU (now UJ) and her MBA (cum laude) from PU for CHE (now NWU). She was awarded the Gold Medal as best MBA student and received her DBA from PU for CHE in 1984. She also has an Organisation and Methods Diploma and completed all but single subjects for Psychology Honours as well as B-degree in Industrial Engineering and Industrial Psychology.


Harry van der Merwe - Executive, Strategist, Facilitator

Harry van der Merwe worked in many industries in both executive and consulting capacities. He developed core expertise as project manager and facilitator in business strategy, international business development, marketing and sales, the re-positioning and turnaround of businesses, as well as organisational transformation across a wide range of industries and countries. He is a specialist in the facilitation of complex strategic issues with executive teams and large groups including scenario development.


He spent the first 10 years in human resource management. He gained extensive experience in the full spectrum of HR practices and for the larger portion of this period as manager of large HR functions. He then worked at corporate level in commercial management, managing portfolios of businesses and developing the core expertise mentioned above.


He worked throughout Africa, in Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the UAE, Middle East and Western Europe. He was director and managing director of a variety of businesses and participated in many industry and other forums from late 1980’s and in negotiation structures during the South African transition period of the early 1990’s.


Harry holds a B.Com degree and attended programmes at business schools including Harvard Business School and London Business School.



Motshoanetsi Lefoka,  Dr René Uys, Harry van der Merwe









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